Welcome to my first blog post!

I thought I’d have a look back at some of the events I attended over the past 12 months. I try to have a variety of events in my calendar to help expand my portfolio,but we all have our favourites.

A friend introduced me to a local band here in Norwich about 18 months ago. The band is called Uprising,and they’re a cover band. Their set list is varied a lot from current chart hits to old school classics. You’ll certainly find something for everyone at their gigs!

I was lucky enough to take some photos at one gig at The Brickmakers. Not having done gig photography before,it was certainly a learning curve. Hopefully I can get back to some more next year.

A good friend of mine Richard Waldridge, races and competes in the V6 Classic Modifieds. A group of up to 14 classic V6’s tearing it round an oval track on a Sunday afternoon is music to my ears! Richard has supported me for a couple of years now and kindly had my logo sign written on the side of his Mk2 Cortina.

The group will be moving from their home circuit of Swaffham Raceway to new locations for 2018.



Japfest Silverstone had some of the UK’s finest Japanese builds to date. This S2000 sitting on 3pc Work Meisters caught my eye and couldnt resist snapping a photo.


A favourite type of photoshoot I like are night ones with Flash Guns. My friend Michael had just had his Mk3 Golf VR6 painted in a vibrant yellow. Ray-Vern hydraulics lowered the chassis,allowing the arches to be filled with a set of Brock B2 wheels.


During the summer I visited the Brooklands Motor Museum in Surrey. Next to the Museum is the Mercedes Benz World which was free admission to browse around. Sitting in the prime position as you enter the building was this stunning 300SL. I was able to reach a couple of floors higher to achieve this photo (it was a shame those iconic Gull Wing doors weren’t open at the time)


The East of England Showground in Peterborough hosts the UK’s largest modified car show,Modified Nationals. I’ve been attending this show since 2008 and it grows and improves each year. With the Hot Rod show added a couple of years ago,it expands the choice of cars greatly. Whether its a restored classic,modified or american muscle, there’s a car for everyone here! The exhibition hall is brimmed to the walls with trade stands,show cars and the latest Car Audio installs.

One of the cars that stood out the most to me,was this Pandem kitted E30 with a flat grey paint job.


Growing up with modified cars and being involved with my own car enthusiast club based in Norwich, I get to see and follow some pretty amazing builds over the years. When Johnny contacted me to shoot his Toyota Supra, I couldn’t have said yes quick enough. This thing is an….ANIMAL!

The spec list is as long as my arm and unfortunately I can’t remember it all. It has a huge single turbo,polished CCW Alloys wrapped in R888 tyres and runs on race fuel. With its stock body,its certainly one to look out for on the streets and track!


To wrap up this throw back, I’d like to head back to JAE (Japanese Auto Extravaganza), the UK’s largest Japanese car show. Much like Modified Nationals except with just jap cars, its heaven for car enthusiasts! With seas of owners club polluting the grounds of the East of England Showground, it’s one show you can not miss!

JAE is growing and gets better as the years pass. This year was certainly no exception,the range of cars on display was the best it has had with such a diverse variety.  Its not very often you get to see this particular GTR up close and personal.


Thank you for reading my first blog post. If you have any ideas,suggestions or feedback, that’d be greatly appreciated 🙂