Photography & Graphic Design

About Me


My name is Chris Baker,I’m 28 from Norwich,Norfolk,UK.

I started photography in 2004 during my A-Level Art. My A-Levels finished after the first year and I enrolled into a new Adult Education class for Level 1 Digital Photography. After completing Level 1 I followed the curriculum and took Level 2, which gave me an A-Level achievement.  Although a lot of the skills and techniques I’ve learnt myself and from help of others.

I started off with a Canon 350D as my first camera body,over the years I’ve upgraded and developed a collection of equipment which suits my needs and for the subjects that I shoot.

I mainly photograph Automotive subjects,from classic restorations to modified cars to Touring Cars. I also have experience in Pet Portraits,Macro and Landscape.

I hope you enjoy my blogs,please feel free to like,comment and share 🙂